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My all year round skin must-have

My all year round skin must-have


The weather is changing here in New York and that used to mean a fight to keep my skin moisturized. If you’re like the old me, you may notice that your skin starts to get dry and lose its summer glow during the fall and winter months. Few things bother me more than an itchy, dry face. Luckily, I have a secret to keep glowing during the fall and winter months, and restore my smooth and soft skin. I make sure to use our Teal Botanicals Facial Oil. It’s easy to add to any beauty routine, and the benefits of facial oil are amazing. All you have to do is apply 3-5 drops of the oil to your face and neck after cleansing and before moisturizing or applying your primer. That’s it! Just like that, your natural beauty will shine through.  

If you haven’t heard of face oils before, let me tell you a bit about why I love the Teal Botanicals Facial Oil so much. Our Facial Oil soothes irritated and hypersensitive skin, as well as brightens damaged and discolored skin. Almost like a magic eraser for your face, it can help to eliminate fine lines and reduce signs of aging. And unlike many facial creams, our Facial Oil works on any skin type! Face oils also absorb easier into the skin than most creams to deliver the smooth and soft skin you want. I also love the way it smells, each time I open the bottle I’m reminded of a relaxing day at the spa.

Our oils are concentrated and sink deeply into the skin to moisturize and nourish. We also use natural ingredients to help reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals.

These key ingredients help to nurture your skin with antioxidants and vitamins:

Rose Essential Oil: This powerful oil contains an array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also works to moisturize dry skin. A bonus property of rose essential oil is that its scent can help calm the mind and body.

Rosehip Oil: By being packed with Vitamin C, this oil helps boost collagen.

Pomegranate Seed Oil: The natural antioxidants found in this oil help protect your skin from free-radical damage. It’s also a quality source of the essential fatty acid Punicic to help plump your skin and reduce lines.

Mangosteen Fruit Oil: The “Queen of Fruits” is rich in super-antioxidants known as xanthones.

Sea Buckthorn Oil: Through its diverse range of antioxidants and tocopherols, this oil helps to stimulate healing. It also reduces the signs of aging.

Frankincense Essential Oil: Naturally slows signs of aging while also promoting the regeneration of healthy cells.

I love our Facial Oil and hope you do as well! It’s the perfect addition to your beauty bag and a great secret weapon to restore your radiant glow.

As always, all of our products are cruelty-free, handmade in NYC, 100% natural and organic for vegan and health-conscious men and women. We use eco-friendly recyclable glass containers and give free shipping on any purchase over $50.

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